Settings for Blogger Blog, Step-by-Step Guide in 2022

Settings for Blogger Blog

In the wake of making the blog, the following stage is settings. Blogger settings permit you to make your blog private or public. You can likewise help Blogger Web optimization.

Setting for Blogger

Visit the Blogger dashboard>settings.

Blogger dashboard Setting

Fundamental Settings

-Title of Your Blogger blog, you can transform it if necessary.

-Description of your blog,

-The language of your blog is fundamental. Assume you need to make online journals in Hindi, French, and Spanish,

then select a similar language.

-Is your blog containing adult material or content? Switch this off, and if your blog content is safe, turn this ON.

-You can enter Google Analytics Property ID to track to execution of your blog. Figure out how to make Google Analytics Property.

-Set a favicon for your blog. This little square picture gives brand worth to your site. It will assist the clients with exploring your blog if various pages are open.

Privacy Settings Permit a blog to be accessible to general society or not. Assuming that you maintain that the substance should be available to people in general, turn this element ON.

-Visible to a search engine: This will make your blog accessible with the Web search tools like Google, Bing, Yippee, Yandex, and so forth.

Publish and Blog post setting


Publishing Settings permits you to pick a subdomain of the BlogSpot URL. You can likewise set up an expert custom space name for the Blogger blog.

-Blog Address: Subdomain URL of your Blogger blog.

-Custom Domain: This permits you to pick a custom space name for the Blogger blog.



permits you to serve the substance over the solid server utilizing HTTPS, an SSL authentication.

-Consent or Permission: 


In authorization settings, you can welcome writers to compose on your Blogger blog.

Present settings permit you to pick settings for all the blog entries distributed on the blog. It contains comments, a lightbox, and so on.


-You can set the number of posts that ought to be clear on the landing page of the blog,

-Template of your blog entry,

-Lightbox: will show a grandstand overlay over the picture,

-Comments Setting: 

Comments Setting

Leave these settings for what it's worth.

-Email settings: 


This will permit you to add email recipients to your blog. Every one of the dynamic and forthcoming messages will be shown in this part.



This permits you to choose the time region, date header design, and Timestamp Arrangement. You can pick a time region according to the client base of your blog.

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