Most Popular and Trending Topics of Blogs in 2023

Most Popular and Trending Topics

On the Internet, there are 600 million active blogs, or one-third of all published webpages. Over the past two decades, blogs, which originally served as online personal diaries, have undergone a significant evolution to become significant sources of information on almost any subject.

You can start a blog to connect with people, to inspire people, or to educate people. However, blogging is for more than simply your readers. Additionally, it's for you. The satisfaction of expressing yourself in novel, digital ways is enormous. Finally, blogging can develop into a reliable source of income once you start expanding your readership. As your blog gains popularity, you may make money from it in a variety of ways, including banner ads, sponsored posts, affiliate links, and sponsored posts.

Whichever your motivation, there is one fundamental rule to remember: pick a subject that you are extremely passionate about. After all, enthusiasm is contagious. Your ability to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions—and to enlist your readers in your journey—will improve the more invested you are in the subject.

Most Popular and Trending Topics

To assist you in getting started, we've compiled a list of the most popular and trending topics to write a blog for blogging, along with actual user examples.

  • Food blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Health and fitness
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Sports blogs
  • News blogs

01. Food blogs

Food blogs come in several flavors. On the one hand, there’s the food critics, who go from one restaurant table to the next, tasting different dishes and narrating their experiences. On the other hand, there’s the cooking and baking enthusiasts. They document their recipes—from the ingredients they use to the steps they follow—and share them with their communities through articles, photos and videos.

These types of blogs come with much competition. Therefore, many foodies have chosen a specific blog niche to stand out—such as wild plant food, which specializes in 100% vegan recipes. Know that the work also comes with great perks. Critics often get to dine for free at restaurants. If you’re more on the cooking side, you may meet opportunities to publish cookbooks and collaborate with food networks.

Food blogs

Topics you can write about:

  • Recipes
  • Reviews (restaurants, culinary products, fooding trends)
  • Healthy eating guides

02. Travel blogs

Before planning a trip, we tend to do a lot of research on both Google and social media. Therefore, the demand for reading other people's travel reviews is high. If you’re a globetrotter, consider this type of outlet. You can start with an insider’s guide on places to explore near you, offering reasons to visit your very own hometown, region or country.

We recommend honing in on a travel niche, whether it’s a type of hotel (luxury hotels, hostels, etc.), a kind of trip (backpacking, camping, etc.) or a geographical area. For instance, the blogger behind Tales of Israel shares inspiring guides focusing only on the Holy Land. This makes her an expert and a trustworthy source to readers.

People will experience your destinations through your eyes. Help them get to know you and the reasons you like traveling with an intriguing About Me page.

On top of the recognition, some successful bloggers get free hotel stays or even sponsored travel experiences.

Travel blogs

Topics you can write about:

  • Destination recommendations
  • Activity itineraries
  • Local guides on hotels and restaurants

03. Health and fitness blogs

The most common New Year's resolution is to exercise more and lose weight. Yet, less than 5% of adult participants in 30 minutes participate in a workout a day.

What about giving your readers an extra push of motivation? Blogging is a great way to share your insight on at-home workouts and eating best practices.

Start by making a list of your own routines and habits, and turn them into guides filled with exact steps. For obvious reasons, people expect to find videos on these types of blogs, so buying a decent camera and using it is something to consider when you begin.

Writing a sports and wellness blog can be the beginning of a very fruitful journey. You can follow the steps of certified personal trainers and dietitians such as Nora mino and use a scheduling software to increase clientele. Other bloggers also sell workout guides, diet recipe ebooks, supplements and workout apparel.

Health and fitness blogs

Topics you can write about:

  • Workout routines
  • Weight loss guides
  • Special diets and recipes (Keto, Paleo, low-calorie meals

04. Fashion and beauty blogs

Like words, fashion is a way we express ourselves. No surprise, there are almost as many fashion blogs as there are fashionistas in this world. Some are about luxury, others about streetwear, and some others even specialize in recycled textile. They all offer outfit inspiration, trend updates and insider reviews. For example, Haily Allison Styles gives her readers handy ideas for seasonality looks and color guides.

Fashion blogs represent a lot of work, but they can pay off with invites to exclusive events and fashion shows. The perks don’t end there. Free clothing and beauty products are often given in exchange for promotion. If these benefits sparked your interests, you could start by putting together an eye-catching outfit, photographing it, and writing how you’ve decided to pair those items and colors together. Consider adding a link to the worn items. Readers might want to replicate and shop your look.

Fashion and beauty blogs

Topics you can write about:

  • Fashion trends
  • Outfit of the day inspirations
  • Product review

05.Sports blogs

There are 8,000 different kinds of sports which give you a lot of options to choose from when starting these types of blogs. You can either narrow-in on one type of sport or cover several (just not all 8,000). In the case of Kollege Sports, the writer focuses primarily on college football and basketball.

Sports blogs

Once you've decided your sports category, pick a team or athlete for your first post. You can also write about the history of the physical activity or game and why you believe it's risen to popularity. If you are more of a talker and less of a writer, consider starting a podcast and integrating it into your sports coverage.

06.News blogs

Today, the news doesn’t just get reported on TV, radio and large publications, but also on independent blogs. News posts keep readers informed and up-to-date on critical issues on a local, national or even global level.

MaxNewsToday has chosen to focus on national news and does so in the form of a social commentary. It’s recommended to begin with local news to get a more tailored audience and niche when starting.

It is best practice to optimize these types of blogs by choosing SEO-friendly topics. You can do this through trend tracking tools such as Google Trends to understand what pressing issues people are searching for. Once you finish this step and have content under your belt, you can submit posts to news press releases to help your blog gain more traction.

News blogs

Topics you can write about:

  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Business and entrepreneurship


However, the world is ever-evolving, as what is popular and relevant can change rapidly based on current events, cultural shifts, and audience interests. However, some perennially popular topics include technology, health and wellness, personal finance, and lifestyle. It is important for bloggers to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends in their niche, while also staying true to their unique perspective and voice. Ultimately, the key to successful blogging is to provide valuable, engaging content that resonates with readers and helps to build a loyal audience over time.

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