Eligibility For AdSense Approval in 2023

Basic AdSense Approval Eligibility in 2022

Many people today start a website to make money on it. Google's AdSense plays a key role in making money. Many people try for a long time to get AdSense for their website and some of them succeed and some fail. While buying Google's AdSense Approval can be a daunting task, there are many reasons why many may fail.

AdSense Approval

These reasons are technical issues with their Blogger. When Google AdSense is rejected by one person, it is very difficult for many to find out the reasons for it. In this post, we will see if your Blogger qualifications are available for AdSense Approval.

If you’re looking to get approval from Google AdSense, this article will guide you. You’ll understand all the official Google AdSense Eligibility Criteria and other requirements, which are not explicitly stated in Google documentation but can make Google AdSense approve your site fast.

Google has official eligibility requirements for AdSense approval and some “unofficial” eligibility requirements that don’t necessarily get your application rejected but make profiting from the program possible by getting your AdSense approved fast. They can also make your approval slow or act as a contributing factor to the main eligibility criteria.

Here is the list of eligibility requirements for Google AdSense Approval according to my experience:

-You must be at least 18 years of age or above

-You must have control of your site as an admin

-Your site must contain unique and interesting content

-Your site has no copyright images

-Your site must have clear navigation

-You must avoid driving fake traffic to your site

-Your content must comply with Google content policies

-You must not include copyrighted content in your blog without permissions

-You must use a supported language

-Your site must not contain the abusive experience

-You should have technical pages like (About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Terms, and Conditions)

-Have some sufficient traffic

-Meta Tag is a very concise way of tagging what you post on your blogger. These Tags play a very important role in the SEO Setting of your Blogger.

-The number of posts or articles is 14 and a minimum of 400+ words

-Creating a Google Analytics ID lets you know how many people visit your Blogger

-Writing a description for your Blogger can help Google understand what a category is in Blogger

-Custom Domain is one of the most important for a blogger. Depends on what name you are adding to the custom domain

-Don't forget to add sitemap.xml or sitemap-pages.xml for your site and also add the robots.txt in your blogger or site.

-You can generate it from here for your site. ROBOTS.TXT

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